Zeke 2011 - Day 22 - Painting the Noses Red

Sunday, December 18, 2011
We were all exhausted from our family Christmas party the night before, so we all slept in a little bit this morning. Our two oldest boys woke up first and rushed into our room asking if they could go look for Zeke. Half asleep, we told them yes. We heard them go down the stairs and their footsteps exploring the floor. When we heard gasps and laughter coming from the downstairs bathroom, we knew they must have found our elf. Zeke was on the bathroom mirror with a paintbrush in his hand and his nose was painted red. When we looked into the mirror, we noticed all of our noses were painted red as well!
Zeke left us a note saying that Santa said he had such a good time singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer with all of us at the Christmas party the night before. Zeke thought it would be funny to make us all look like Rudolph so he painted all of our noses red while we were asleep. The kids were so tired, they didn't even wake up while he was doing it!
The boys thought it was so funny and opted to keep their red noses when we went to their grandparents' house for breakfast with their aunt, uncle and cousin too. They all had a good laugh about it!


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