Zeke 2011 - Day 5 - Hot Chocolate

Thursday, December 1, 2011
It didn't take us as long to find Zeke this morning as we thought it might. He had found a really good hiding spot in the fridge before so we weren't sure what nook we'd find him in today. Of course the boys wanted to check his previous hiding places before looking anywhere else. He wasn't in the fridge but when Isaiah turned around, he quickly noticed one of Zeke's notes (which he wrote on the same Santa note pad paper everyday) taped to the microwave.

Isaiah asked me to read it. Zeke wrote that it was so cold outside today that he was some place warm. We opened the microwave and found Zeke surrounded by a chocolate and marshmallow explosion!

The boys immediately noticed the cool new mugs (Isaiah claimed the penguin and Ezra claimed the snowman). Zeke wrote that he thought the boys might like a nice cup of hot chocolate to stay warm on this very cold day so he brought them some Christmas mugs with hot chocolate packets in them. He apologized for the mess (marshmallows, chocolate chips and cocoa sprinkled about), stating that he may have gotten a little carried away with the marshmallows. He asked the boys if they thought he looked like Santa with his marshmallow beard. They told him that he really did!

The boys loved drinking the hot chocolate (for which we heated up the milk on the stove that day since we couldn't touch Zeke!) from their new mugs and enjoyed putting the white and green Christmas tree marshmallows in their drink.
(The mugs are from the 2011 Be Merry collection at Target.)


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