Zeke 2011 - Day 4 - Reindeer Sandwiches

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
We looked everywhere for Zeke in the morning and couldn't find him. He wasn't in any of the places he had been before. We even checked all of the toy bins in the playroom. Our five year old son Isaiah started to look in the kitchen cabinet where we keep the pots and pans when our two year old son Ezra asked me for a drink. I asked Isaiah if he could please open the fridge for me since I was holding our youngest son Abram. Isaiah opened the door and quickly ran back to the cupboard to continue his search. Ezra went straight for the milk and suddenly exclaimed, "Here is the Zeke!"

Isaiah rushed over and we saw our elf in the refrigerator sitting on top of a loaf of bread. He was holding a knife with peanut butter on it. There were two peanut butter sandwiches that looked like reindeer and two glasses of milk.
Zeke of course left us a note. He explained that it's chilly at the North Pole so he was actually quite comfortable in the fridge. He wrote that he heard the boys liked peanut butter so he made them some sandwiches to look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

The boys thought they looked pretty cool and said they tasted good (especially the eyes and nose!).

The reindeer sandwiches were made of whole wheat bread, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and red M&M's. The middle of the bread was cut in a sort of tear drop shape and the crust was used to make the ears and antlers. The mini marshmallows were cut in half and a mini chocolate chip was placed on the sticky side. The red M&M was placed at the tip of the tear drop to look like Rudolph's nose. Super cute!


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