Zeke 2011 - Day 3 - Coloring Pictures

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
The day before, the boys had colored pictures for Zeke and put them up on the fridge for him to look at.

First thing this morning, the boys checked the spot where Zeke was the previous day (on the kitchen counter making a flour angel). He wasn't there and our five year old son Isaiah noted that it was a good thing Zeke cleaned up his mess.

We looked to the refridgerator's freezer door where the pictures that the boys colored for Zeke were the previous day. They were no longer there. Instead we saw many new colorful pictures in their place and Zeke sitting on the top of the fridge above them proudly holding a box of crayons.

At first Isaiah thought our elf may have ruined the pictures. But we noticed a note from Zeke stuck on the fridge and Isaiah asked me to read it to them. In his note, Zeke said he liked the pictures that they drew for him so much that he took them back to the North Pole to show Santa and they hung them up there. Isaiah was immediately relieved that nothing bad happened to their pictures and was happy about their new location. Zeke also wrote that he drew pictures for them as well (of his favorite things about Christmas, his friends at the North Pole and of our family) and he hoped that we liked them. The boys loved the pictures and asked if he could please leave them there so we could continue to look at them.


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