Zeke 2011 - Day 2 - Snow Angel

Monday, November 28, 2011
As soon as our five year old woke up Monday morning, his first priority of the day was to find Zeke. Isaiah grabbed his Nintendo DSi so he could take a picture of our elf in his new spot (which became the routine every morning). We checked around the Christmas tree but he was nowhere to be found. We heard someone in the bathroom so we decided to check there for Zeke. He wasn't there but our two year old son Ezra was. He told us to wait for him and when he was done washing his hands, we went into the kitchen.

"I see something red on the counter!" Isaiah said as he walked up to it and stood on his tip-toes to see.

Our canister of flour was open and off the shelf. Zeke was making an angel in a mess of flour on our kitchen counter!

He left us a note apologizing for the mess and explained that he wanted to make a snow angel but since we didn't have any snow here yet, he had to find something else to use. He asked how it looked. Isaiah told him, "It looks good, Zeke! But you better clean that up because my mom doesn't really like messes that much." ;) Zeke's note also said that he had a good first flight back to the North Pole. He told the boys the things he and Santa were proud of that they did the previous day and the things that they could work on.


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