Zeke 2012- Day 29 - He's back!

Sunday, December 2, 2012
We put up and decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and the boys talked about how Zeke would hopefully come the next morning just like he did last year. We couldn't find our Christmas star to top the tree, and the boys were worried Zeke wouldn't come if we didn't have a star. I told them not to worry and that I was sure he would love the tree. They were so excited, they went to bed early and woke up extra early to see if he had arrived.

Isaiah was up first and woke up Ezra and they rushed downstairs. As soon as Isaiah turned on the light in the living room, he saw Zeke on the top of the tree. And next to him was a red star with gold glitter! The boys found the Elf on the Shelf book underneath the tree and with it was a note from Zeke (just like he wrote us everyday he was here last year!). The note said that he was so excited to be back! And he noticed we couldn't find our star for the tree so he made us one to use until we could. The boys thought that was so cool.

When we went to eat breakfast, we saw there were stars, paint, glitter, crayons and paper all over the dining room table. This is where Zeke must have made us the star! Isaiah said he must have practiced a lot before making the big one that he put on our tree.

The boys enjoyed making their own stars as well!


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