Zeke 2012 - Day 30 - Magic Seeds

Monday, December 3, 2012
Today we found Zeke in our dining room hanging out by our little Christmas tree. He left a note under the tree and beside the tree we noticed a bowl filled with bags of mystery ingredients.

We read the note and Zeke gave us instructions on what to do with it. He said to follow the directions exactly or nothing would happen.

1.) Pour the dried North Pole snow in the bowl. Try not to spill any!
2.) Put the red and green seeds in the snow. Make sure they are completely covered.
3.) Sing Jingle Bells.
4.) Put the bowl somewhere safe. Let it sit. Don't be too noisy around it!
5.) It takes good behavior to make something grow! Be extra, extra good all day.
6.) Before bed, put two pinches of magic red elf sprinkles on top of the snow.
7.) Sing Rudolph.
8.) Go to bed and wait until morning to see what will grow!

(The snow was flour and the seeds were red and green mini M&M's.)

(The elf magic was red sprinkles.)


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